Woolley Morris Architects distinguishes itself by offering a level of design quality and client-focused service that the two founding principals bring from their previous working experience in the New York City area to their firm, founded in 1991.


Woolley Morris Architects is one firm in an emerging generation of architects committed to a return to the fundamentals of the building craft, and a conviction about what makes quality architecture: the primacy of structure, materials, and thoughtfully conceived spaces which will enhance the quality of life for its occupants.


Woolley Morris Architects is committed to striking a balance between producing inspired design work and maintaining a firm structured by good business practices. Our belief is that profitable operations are quality operations. Quality operations are staffed by top quality people and produce top quality work, which is ultimately to the client’s benefit.


Our clients are those who understand, and pay for, the value adding feature of creative design work. The knowledgeable client produces a superior product in a given marketplace by investing in design, and gains a competitive advantage. This client clearly views the design fee as an investment, not as an expense.


Woolley Morris Architects is committed to building close working relationships with our clients. Both Principals are involved in every project. We believe that open communication and close collaboration with our clients on the issues of cost control and design excellence are necessary to insure a truly successful project.


The firm sets forth the following objectives:

  • To produce distinguished, value adding design work.
  • To be instrumental in helping our clients achieve their business goals.
  • To build a staff of top quality professionals who will contribute to design quality and client service at all times.
  • To adhere to a strategy of controlled growth that will insure tight quality control by enabling close personal involvement by the principals in all firm activities.